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Introduction: Another kinetic/linear story with the maker calling it short. Not much information written in the visual short story’s thread, either. Hm. This one’s going to be a complete surprise. All I have to guess the plot on is a … Continue reading

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The Rutabega

Introduction: It’s been a while, I won’t lie. Midterms sucked up most of my time, but now that they’re over with, it’s time for more reviews. This time, I’ll be reviewing “Rutabega”, a visual short story about rutabagas. So what … Continue reading

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Death Note Doujinshi: Poisoned

Introduction: DN.d: Poisoned is a visual novel that truly deserves more recognition, at least inside the OELVN circle. It seems to have some level of popularity on the outside, thankfully. There are probably three reasons for the lack of reknown … Continue reading

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Introduction: “And after that, the class begins.” Semester is a visual novel with a very dating sim-ish feel by Daggio, with artwork by Navetsea and script by Jovia. The plot is pretty typical…new kid (you get to name him) who’s … Continue reading

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Introduction: “Dear Hirae…” Idol\TYPE presents a different kind of experience to the love game genre and that is…typing! Yes. Typing. The player literally types the narrator, Reijiro’s words just as he does. The player repeats the same wording, same grammar … Continue reading

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Monochromie: Blanche

Introduction: “She is just here, that is all.” Also known as Monochrome: White in English, this visual novel opens up with a white room and a woman. I have to admit that I agree with the RAA on this visual … Continue reading

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How Interesting, Not…

Hey. I usually hate writing intro posts, but, this time I’ve forced myself to. I’m just a faceless someone out there reviewing visual novels in times of boredom. I enjoy writing and, hopefully like most of you, I spend my … Continue reading

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