“Dear Hirae…”

Idol\TYPE presents a different kind of experience to the love game genre and that is…typing! Yes. Typing. The player literally types the narrator, Reijiro’s words just as he does. The player repeats the same wording, same grammar mistakes, same everything that Reijiro does. It’s almost like actually living through the character.

The game works on the same system as “Mr. Typer“, a non-English game by I haven’t played Mr. Typer, mainly because I can’t speak its language, but I have played typing games prior to Idol/TYPE. My favorite one being Typing of the Dead – if you can get your hands on it, play it. But, I digress…

This ATP Projects game focuses on letters written between Hirae, a lowkey actress, and Reijiro, a fan who’s not just a fan.


Hm, two unique games in a row, this one being less of a visual novel and more of a typing game. Typing as if I were Reijiro was fun at first. Red marks barely appeared on the screen, I was feeling what he was saying…then, eventually, a question hit me. The question. Okay, maybe two questions, actually. I’ll get to them after I tell a few things about the story.

See, Reijiro is pretty much a regular guy. Off the top of my head, I don’t remember anything that’s notable about him, other than his dialogue (well…letters). He writes to a supporting actress, a favorite of his who’s not so famous named Hirae Erishima. At first, their letters are simple enough. Fan letters, that’s it, and a flattered fan, but soon, it becomes apparent that Reijiro’s feelings have developed into something more…

Why? How? Those were my two questions as I finished typing my third letter. Why was Reijiro falling for a woman he hadn’t exactly met face-to-face? I mean, you hear about it all the time. People falling for people they met in chatrooms. Hm… I think I can understand it a little. I just wish Idol\TYPE had offered some more insight into Reijiro’s day-to-day life beyond the letters. You know…something…even if it would’ve turned Idol\TYPE into more of a game/VN hybrid. No complaints here.

While it might’ve subtracted from the letter focus, it would’ve been nice to learn more about Reijiro’s life.


The music, wonderfully done by Evo, matched the letters well. When the timer, shown by Hirae’s disappearing image in the corner, is running low, the music picks up dramatically. It made me want to rush more, which is a good thing. If the music had stayed at its usual pace, there would be no sense of urgency. The music got the message across very well and there aren’t any complaints from me here.


Artwork by Kathryn, the artwork went with the game. I especially liked how Hirae’s picture in the corner would fade away as time ran out, or when you made typing mistakes. The typing screen was simple and straightforward – a piece of white paper on a wooden background, something that most likely is trying to emulate paper on desk.


This game is really frustrating at times. For one, there’s no save feature other than a limited “continue”, taking you back to the last letter you typed or the credits if you reached an ending. I suggest not trying to get all the endings in one sitting… Going back and retyping a huge letter once you pick a bad choice is irritating.

There’s a patched version that lets you make mistakes and stuff on the project’s website. Check it out.

In Closing:

A typing game! Download it at the game’s site here. Enjoy.

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  1. vnr4 says:

    Ew, old review. The game download link’s expired. Check it out on the RAA here.

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