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Remembering Amie

I picked out Remembering Amie, a kinetic novel written by Kazuki “lunasspecto” Mishima and released May 30th, 2009, at random. It’s a minimalistic story, told mainly from the point of view of Francis, a person thinking back on the times … Continue reading

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With December quickly coming to a close, I felt like I should do a write-up on a holiday themed visual novel. Might as well, right? Lucky me that I pick the one with a main character that’s more of a … Continue reading

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Decorus Carcer / Beautiful Prison

If you’re used to playing all of your Originally English visual novels in the Ren’Py format, you’re going to be in for a surprise when you load up Adam “dechorus” Thompson’s atmospheric visual short story Decorus Carcer (Beautiful Prison). When … Continue reading

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Saving Project Blind

What drew me to Saving Project Blind was its premise. I’m a sucker for tragic love stories, where the protagonist has to go through heartbreak the size of an earthquake. To say that manga_otaku’s first visual novel makes you feel … Continue reading

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The English visual novel scene seems to have changed a lot since I last approached it three four (pretty much) years ago. There’s been a lot of games released. According to the Ren’Ai Archive, roughly 20 games were released in … Continue reading

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