Death Note Doujinshi: Poisoned


DN.d: Poisoned is a visual novel that truly deserves more recognition, at least inside the OELVN circle. It seems to have some level of popularity on the outside, thankfully. There are probably three reasons for the lack of reknown within the circle. 1) The 18+ rating. It’s possible to avoid an 18+ path, though. 2) It’s a BL game. *shrug* I’m just saying. 3) It’s a Death Note fangame, not a purely original tale.

Months ago, I decided to play this game, despite number three on the list above. I had never seen Death Note before. Well, maybe I had seen fanart posted around a few times and heard about it a little bit. Other than that, I was entirely clueless. As of now, I still kind of am, as I’ve only seen the first six episodes. And, guess what? Poisoned doesn’t play assuming you’ve seen an episode or read a page of DN. That doesn’t mean it’s telling you all about the series, no… The game just plays. It’s a story you don’t have to know about Death Note to play. It’s not even a massive spoiler if you’re planning to watch DN later.

So, anyway, as most of you may know BL stands for Boys Love AKA two boys loving on eachother or some version of that. A doujinshi is a fanwork and, in this case, it’s a fangame. The game is by the talented Akane, whom has made a few doujin games before for other anime series. The engine used to make this game was RPG Maker XP, so warning to those spoiled by Ren’Py.


The story is about a group of kids at the Wammy’s House Orphanage. Among these kids is Mello, the chocolate loving “protagonist.” He spends his time mainly pissed off at Near, another boy who’s bright and soft. Mello is one of those types who’s obsessed with being #1. Near is more mellow than Mello, by far. There’s also Matt, a kid who’s friends with Mello and is repeatedly called a dog by said friend. How nice! There’s also Roger, who’s head of the House, and a little girl who’s a little annoying atleast to me.

When Roger gives Mello and Near a project they have to work on together, Mello is mad beyond belief. The story pretty much takes off from there. You’re given three days to complete the project and control Mello. Choose where he goes around the House, what he says, and what he thinks in true visual novel fashion.

Some of the story is a bit simple, but it was a fun read. The steamier parts were great, too.


I can’t think of any moment where the music didn’t match. Very well done. The music and SFX are part of what makes DN.d: Poisoned shine. It’s doubtful that anyone could hate the game music. I can remember once leaving the game up so I could listen to it while browsing sites. Yeah, it’s that good. Okay…actually, not really. It’s not on that level, buuut it fits the game like it should.


Awesome. What else is there to say? There’s not an off-thing about any of the art work. In fact, the art is such that I was mad that there wasn’t a CG gallery. Some have even said the graphics are on an amazing professional level. I wholeheartedly agree. I’m no drawn artist, but I really can’t find anything wrong. It all…works. One day, I might take the time to take screenshots of every CG. Heh…that’d have to be a really boring Sunday. 😛

And, fine. I take it back. The hands and feet sometimes look a little disturbing. Otherwise, it’s all awesome.


There isn’t a skip feature or anything, so replaying might be an issue. A lot of people have complained about getting one ending everytime they play. All I can say is to find a guide on the game’s forum if you have to. Oh yeah and if you want to get the special ending or whatever, SAVE ALL YOUR ENDINGS TO ONE GAME SLOT!

In Closing:

Don’t miss out. Download DN.d: Poisoned here at its website.

Game originally released in 2004. Review written about the 04/17/2007 version. Looking for more games to try? Check out my list of reviews!


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44 Responses to Death Note Doujinshi: Poisoned

  1. Mimi says:

    You should post a list of endings here as well.
    ‘Cause for some reason I can’t get into the site you download the game from.
    I’ve only gotten two so far and it’s kind of frustrating, not knowing which to shoot for.
    The way I see it, the names of the endings can have little hints on how to access another ending.
    Either way.
    The game really is amazing!
    I’m addicted.

  2. vnr4 says:

    The names of the endings are –

    The Puzzle, Forever, Unreachable, Games, The Bodyguard, Loyal Dog, and Punishment. There’s also a special extra ending, as I mentioned in my review. And yeah, the game definitely is amazing.

  3. Mello says:

    I don’t know how to get the other endings…
    I always get the end: punishment
    … ._.

  4. Shea says:

    Me, too… I always end up with “punishment” no matter how nice I am >.< I don’t know what I do wrong xD It’s kind of sad

  5. Borson says:

    Always try to act in one way :3 i was acting like a psycho and i end the game with ‘unreachable’ ending

  6. nate says:

    i cant download it i dont know why…could somebody be nice and send it to me or whatever? n__n i so want to play it..

  7. mellochii says:

    This was amazing. D:

    I keep getting Punishment though…

    I cried at the end. xD

  8. Mello says:

    Now I got the Ending Loyal Dog
    It’s sooo wai ❤

  9. Near says:

    x-x Grrr. I’ve tried so many things but I keep getting the ‘Punishment’ Ending DX
    Help ?

  10. vnr4 says:

    If you can’t download it from the site – here’s a rapidshare link: It works perfectly fine. You can check the boards on the game maker’s site for a guide. I’ll probably edit the post soon with a direct link to a guide, though.

    EDIT 7/04/08 – WARNING: My premium account went dead, soooo this link’s probably dead too. Don’t waste your time. Just get it from the site itself.

  11. aka says:

    waaaaaaaaahhH!!! cooll I mean this game is driving me nuuts.. Im always searching for the right ending or any ending.. its soo addictive!! NYAAHAHHH!!!~~♥♥♥ LIKKE POISON! ☻♥♠♣♦

  12. kite says:

    Wonderful game, really.
    But I have a slight problem with it.
    The ‘continue’ option on the main menu does not work even though I save the game.
    As I would really like to acess the ‘unreachable’ ending, this feature is vital.
    Could anyone offer me some advice? It would be much appreacited.

  13. MayAlex says:

    Hey everyone! Here you can find guides to get all the endings…
    I ❤ this game

    Also remember to play all the endings in the same file to get the extra scene (you know it starts all over when you end it, just keep playing from there)

    Have fun! Mello x Near are the best!!!!

  14. Mello&Matt says:

    I’ve gotten all of the endings except “The Puzzle”…I really want that one, too……. I LOVED the MelloXMatt ending though XD

  15. kim says:

    ummm it always do to me
    the end punishment
    thats make me sad 😥

  16. Gunz Ablaze says:

    I can’t any other endign other then punishment I’ve playied it about six times now and I can’t get it to chage…grrr…can sobody please help me

  17. Haru says:

    No way how I would play, I always get the Punishment ending. It’s so annoying~ I need help~! ;n; Any tips?

  18. vnr4 says:

    All I can say as a tip would be to always be focused on one thing. Don’t be wishy washy with your choices. If you wanna be mean and spiteful, then be mean and spiteful. Someone posted a link to a walkthrough…scroll up if you’re all that frustrated.

  19. ellie says:

    i cant get it to work!! i mean, i’ve downloaded it 50 times in counting! it says that the download is complete, and when i go to click it, it doesnt do anything!

    • Lear says:

      You need a decompreser for .RAR files to access the game. I used 7-Zip to do it. Once you extract the files, click on the ‘Game’ application.

  20. Giwi says:

    I too, have an issue with saving
    Forever and The puzzle are EXACTLY the same. (you answer ONE question differently) And I get bored playing over and over.

    I got punishment multiple times. It sucks because if you make ONE mistake, you throw the game. Basically to get near: Always be polite (or as polite as you can be.) Pick the nicest, option. But be thoughtful, not mushy. (Ie. listen to words, don’t listen to his breathing.)

    I want the special end ;A; I want to saaaave.

  21. Loz says:

    For anyone who is having problems getting a save file to work the answer is simple – make sure you unpack the game from the zip file before you play it, or it doesn’t have a place to save while it’s still packed up. (yes I did this)

    and you can get walkthroughs for the other endings over here:

  22. Kanami says:

    Umm, yeah, I do know that Akane sama (The creator of the game) has a dA (deviant art) site here,
    Her website, has a huge CG gallery..

    Another really, really great Death Note artist is (Miyanushi)

    The following link is an artist that is currently writing her own visual novel, with her own OC’s aswell as a (later coming) death note **Mello x Near** game, alike poisoned. While, at the moment she is also writing a death note doujinshi. She posts often and is fluent in spanish, japanese, chinese, english and a few other languages. (YuukaTheKawaiiArtist)

  23. Moya says:

    I rly lyk this game!!
    Especially the pairing is Near x Mello. .
    Heheheh. . XD

  24. michelle peccorini says:

    i keep on dowloading at the library and i don’t know what to click on

  25. TotalyTohru says:

    I know how to get everything except “The Puzzle” If someone could tell me how to get that, than I would love them forever and ever!!!!

  26. kistie says:

    well you send me the game thing i can’t download it!!!

  27. Kirro says:

    I got Forever, Unreachable and (several times) Punishment.

    Forever is the best so far. It’s so sad… ;_; I cried.

  28. jesse says:

    ahhhh omg!
    punishment made me cry ;_; and i went with how he would react and i geuss i should act how i would ;_;
    but oh well~ and it was kinda scarry when near watched mello play soccer that one time *_* i was like
    but it was sooo cute ;-;

  29. sarah says:

    The trick is not to go to the library in the morning, see near and go with him to work.

  30. Becka says:

    i really really want to try this game but i only recently found this page and so the link isn’t working but i still want to try it can you please upload it again or something? please?! i really want to play it and i’d be so thankful if you would do so. T_T

  31. Misa Misa says:

    i love all doujinshis jajaja
    but im crazy x boys love XD

  32. tenshi says:

    i don’t have a program to open this game does anyone know where i can download it or what is the name of a program i could use?

  33. Trullsa says:

    Always get punishment…

  34. Hei says:

    D8 cant even download the stupid the link is fucked!!! >8U

  35. Bablet says:

    It keeps showing up as a RAR file no matter where I download from, and RAR files don’t seem to do anything. I’m doing somthing wrong and I’d like to know what.


    PS game looks AWSOMEDILLOWTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!(Really really super uber coolio awsomeness)

    • Lear says:

      You’re not doing anything wrong. It just gets compressed into a .RAR file so they don’t have to send tons of information at one time. Like a box, you wouldn’t mail a box of dice away one die at a time. The files are like the dice. There are tons of data and files in one game. Decompress the files like you would open the box of dice.
      You just have to decompress the .RAR file with a program, it’s impossible to do it manually. I used 7-Zip. It’s free and easy to use (I sound like I work for the people or something). Sorry, I don’t have a link. Just Google it or something.

  36. Alice says:

    I CANT GET ANYTHING BUT PUNISHMENT, LOYAL DOG AND UNREACHABLE (which was weird). I wanna get the L ending but Mello makes me wanna shoot myself no matter how nice i make him be he always disowns near anyway.

  37. Risuna says:

    I played this game in August of 09 & I loved it so much – the art work is amazing I love it so much & yes the music was very well done & fitted purrfectly with the scene. I highly recommend this game to anyone who likes yaoi weather they know of Death Note or not ^-^

  38. xVamppireKissx says:

    I love this game! I never get a bad ending. I always get the pleasure one. Its so cuuuuuuuuuute!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. jaggedtooth says:

    I’m on a mac, and either I can’t download on this dumb comp, or I’m not smart enough to figure it out. Dx

  40. gamer-chocolate-toy-loving-girl says:

    can some one give me the link to the best ending?

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