How Interesting, Not…


I usually hate writing intro posts, but, this time I’ve forced myself to. I’m just a faceless someone out there reviewing visual novels in times of boredom. I enjoy writing and, hopefully like most of you, I spend my time trying to improve myself. I have serious issues with the concept of bandwagonning. Seeing large people fanning over someone makes me absolutely sick. My opinions are purely my own, entirely honest reviews. If they’re too harsh for you, you can kindly direct yourself over to Lemmasoft’s other review blog. I’m not here to sugarcoat my words. I’m here to help through criticism, no matter how brutal it may be.

Think of this as a learning tool. Spoilers will be clearly marked, as I *hate* looking up a review only to be spoiled within a paragraph. Yes, there are ways to do reviews without spoiling the whole novel. Oh, and there are a ton of sites out there explaining visual novels. I’m not going to waste my time to explain what they are. I’m only here to present a different kind of opinion about OELVNs, because you can’t get a pat-on-the-back all the time. There’s always going to be someone that isn’t in love with your work and sometimes, that someone has got to be me.

Now, about the name. Writing out is a whole lot shorter than first of all. Secondly, I had to tag on the 4 because wordpress wants usernames to have four letters, or whatever. And, lastly, “are-four” reminds me of the word “awful”. Put a weird accent on it. Do it. See what I mean? Also, I didn’t want to steal the other review blog’s name. Too late now, though, ’cause I kind of did. Oh, well. At least I’ve got a four.


About vnr4

Visual novel reviews and reporting with a main focus on independent visual novels. Enjoy.
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2 Responses to How Interesting, Not…

  1. DaFool says:

    Interesting approach. I thought you would be way harsher than you ended up (like, 4ch harsh), but this has been very helpful (of course, the opinion might change once you review any game I had a part in ^_^)

    The reason for the ‘Pat on the back’ approach was in 2005, 2006 and early 2007, getting a visual novel out in the first place was extremely hard. So anything that was completed was a feat in itself. But of course now, with over 80+ games, we can afford now to be critical.

  2. vnr4 says:

    Being harsher *just* to mock the visual novels and their makers would be too easy and, in the long-run, not all that fun to me. After the third or fourth time, it would definitely get stupid. I’m glad you find this site helpful, that’s what this is here for.

    …But, if I have to be harsh to prove a point, then so be it. The criticisms are supposed to be of help and provide a closer look at the visual novel that an ultra positive review might not bring. That’s the main reason for the disclaimer.

    Thanks for reading.

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