The Things We Aren’t Doing

I’m behind in reviewing again, oh no. I’m going to try reviewing more frequently in the upcoming weeks or so (not going to make promises), just that last week I was out of state with a very low motivation to play visual novels while I was vacationing. More stuff coming up. If you want to see a specific game reviewed or something like that, leave a comment. I have to approve every comment one by one, so don’t worry if it takes a while to see yours. I don’t decline any, unless they’re blatant spam (wait, I think I might’ve approved one of those, too, actually, wow).

I play anything and everything. My tastes are all over the place when it comes to these things, strangely enough. I’m not all that into sci-fi stories, however. Never could get into it. Blegh. Anyway, yeah. Good luck making your projects and have fun reading.

Oh, and guess what, to those who care? If you search “visual novel reviews” or “visual novel review” on Google, this site appears close to the top. Good news or bad news, you decide. I wonder if I mention the word visual novel enough, will it also be a top-hit for that search, too? Hm, interesting, but I’m not going crazy over it.

About vnr4

Visual novel reviews and reporting with a main focus on independent visual novels. Enjoy.
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One Response to The Things We Aren’t Doing

  1. vnr4 says:

    Pretty much four years later, and I’m finally picking this place up again.

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