I wasn’t so sure about reviewing another game by a maker that already has a heavily established fan base, but I decided to do it anyway. deIz is a visual novel about a guy with a crush on an indie film director who goes to his same high school. It was created by Mike Inel, who wrote an apology for his poor writing right before the main menu even shows up. He didn’t even give me a chance to form my own opinion first. That’s either gonna be a good or a bad thing.

At first, the main menu is plain. As you get more endings, the menu fills up with all of the characters. It’s a nice touch. One of the best parts of deIz was the gallery feature. I hate it when I can’t look back on CGs that I’ve collected, especially when the artwork is as nice as the art in this game. There are over fifty CGs, and at least twenty pieces of “extras,” including a history of the game, concept art sketches, a look into Inel’s drawing process and an animation. The game is short enough that you can get all of the pieces in a comfortable amount of time, so the gallery alone is enough of a reason to play.

Unfortunately, as gorgeous as the gallery was as a whole, the more I played his game, what he apologized about proved to be true. The writing wasn’t gripping. I gave it a chance because of the art. The game also doesn’t have any sound. That fact, combined with the empty writing, made the game feel like it lacked polish. It felt like it was taking steps in the right direction, but it was missing extra “oomph” to put it over the top.

The endings were creative. Some of them are kind of twisted, though, namely the one with [censored] forcing themself on [censored] (play the game to find out). That one was just creepy. One of the characters has boobs so massive that it’s comical. She literally cradles her boobs in her ending. While there are a couple of sweet “that’s cute” endings, most of the others are either comedic or disturbing. Guess that’s what they mean by bad endings.

deIz is equal opportunistic with its fan service. It has something for mostly everyone. Cat ears, broken fourth walls, scary eyes, panty shots, near nudity, thinly veiled anime references, friendly curiosity, really shiney girls, and more. There are twelve different endings, and loads of pictures to see and collect in the gallery & extras screens. It turns out that an enhanced version is in the works, so keep a look out on Mike Inel’s DeviantArt page for a release date.

You can download it from here and read a walkthrough here (WARNING: SPOILERS).

EDIT: Mike Inel is also the guy that created the wonderful FMVs in Katawa Shoujo. Pretty fitting that I wrote about Katawa Shoujo right after deIz.


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