Slimey – A Romantic Movie


Slimey – A Romantic Movie is an animated kinetic novel created by Celianna. You might recognize her name if you’re familiar with the RPG Maker scene, her Harvest Moon fanfiction & fanimation Pretty Ore, or her up and coming Harvest Moon-inspired game Tailor Tales.

Created with the RPG Maker VX (RMVX) program, Slimey – A Romantic Movie is the classic story of slime meets girl. After being rescued from one of those pesky hero types by a kind girl named Karin, Slimey falls for her. In order to have a chance with her, he makes a deal with a witch to be turned into a human. There’s only one catch. If he doesn’t get a kiss from Karin before the full moon, the witch will have his soul FOREVER.

The mapmaking here is awesome, but that’s to be expected when Celianna made the tiles herself. The choices in music were completely appropriate for each scene. I loved the way that the music flowed seamlessly from one piece to the next, without any noticeable pauses. If you watch the YouTube version like I did, you’ll see that the animations are all smooth. There are absolutely no hiccups. The writing was light-hearted, warm, and fuzzy. I loved the dialogue, to the point where the “blipblipblip” talking noises they made became actual voices in my head as I read.

Slimey – A Romantic Movie is the perfect pick-me-up animation to watch when you’re having a bad day. I will never look at blue slimes the same way again. I rooted for him from the start. I couldn’t get over how adorable this story was while I was watching it. I still can’t, even as I write this review. My heart was one hundred percent with Slimey, from the moment I hit play. When he danced with Karin towards the end of the story, I literally held my breath, hoping he wouldn’t mess up.

I cheered, I was sad, I laughed, I was scared – I felt so much for these characters. One of my favorite moments in Slimey – A Romantic Movie was from 09:54 to 11:26 on the third part. I loved everything about that part, especially the music and their interactions. It’s so fluffy, indeed. Don’t miss out on watching Slimey – A Romantic Movie. And, don’t even try to resist its infectious sweetness.

You can watch it and discuss it here at LSF, or click here for a direct link to its playlist on YouTube.


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