Dusk ~A Moonlight Romance~

First review of 2012. If this isn’t a totally coherent post, sorry. New Years does that to people.

This time, instead of reviewing something sad and/or cerebral, I’m going to write about a funny one that takes aim at everyone’s favorite teen angst vampire sparkle crap story Twilight. Yep, that book series that’s ruined the vampire genre forever. I miss the days of Buffy and Angel… Anyway, jokes about the books and movies have been done to death and beyond, but Dusk holds its own. Dusk ~A Moonlight Romance~ was created by Chensterrain of Studio Super63, the same one that created the celebrated otome (GxB) game Lucky Rabbit Reflex.

Forget that stupid Vampires Suck movie. This is the definitive Twilight parody, one that’s guaranteed to make you at least smile in amusement. Saturated with purple prose, this kinetic novel makes fun of everything that the first part of Twilight stands for. You’ve got your oblivious Mary Sue named Angelica Chastity Honeydew Rosebud Dove (seriously). You’ve got Ephraim Callahan, the mysterious pretty boy with a secret to tell. And, you’ve got Jared Brown the Indian Native American of the Qufifosjoa tribe. I’m not even going to attempt the true spelling right now. I’m glad I wrote most of this ahead of time.

I loved the gloomy choice of Kevin MacLeod music. It added to this melodramatic story of a boring girl with “russet locks” inexplicably drawn to an “icy, rock hard man.” The customization is great, right down to the “options” screen being a bookmark over the storybook layout design. Chensterrain’s unique art style, although inspired by anime, is refreshing in the sea of big eyed small mouthed clones. The comedy writing feels effortless, which keeps the story amusing all the way to the end rather than a drag. It doesn’t lampoon the entire movie, but that’s alright.

Now knowing how witty and good at comedy writing Chensterrain is, I’m more inclined to buy her commercial game Lucky Rabbit Reflex. And, on a related note, if you’re in the mood for some more Twilight-centered laughter after reading Dusk, check out Twilight: The Broodening over at Newgrounds. Haha.

You can discuss and download Dusk here at LSF, or download it here from the RAA.


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