Remembering Amie

I picked out Remembering Amie, a kinetic novel written by Kazuki “lunasspecto” Mishima and released May 30th, 2009, at random. It’s a minimalistic story, told mainly from the point of view of Francis, a person thinking back on the times he spent with his childhood friend Amie.

When other kids played Pokémon, they talked about things like the vastness of the universe, and how small people can feel within that infinite backdrop. Heavy stuff for an eleven and twelve year old. Now an eighteen year old on the edge of adulthood, he is stuck in the past, unwilling to move on from those memories that they shared. Too bad, memory is such a fragile thing to latch on to…

Honestly, Remembering Amie was a pleasant surprise. Sure, the graphics are bathroom signs, but they actually fit perfectly within the context of the story. Because their appearances weren’t handed out to me on a platter, I was able to imagine everything for myself. Much like Francis, I put together the pieces of the past to form a memory I could walk into. I loved the movement of the backgrounds while he and Amie spoke of infinity. As colorless as it is, Remembering Amie is an unexpected visual treat.

The orchestral music considerably works in the story’s favor. It might have been because it was a fast read, but I didn’t get tired of the pieces at all. The music, like the grayscale design, showcased Kazuki Mishima’s wonderful story beautifully. I loved the punchline, and the murkiness of Francis’s sense of reality.

You can discuss it here and/or download it from here. This is the final review of 2011, by the way. Happy New Year’s Eve, everyone!

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