The English visual novel scene seems to have changed a lot since I last approached it three four (pretty much) years ago. There’s been a lot of games released. According to the Ren’Ai Archive, roughly 20 games were released in 2008 and 2009. In 2010, that number doubled to around 40. And, then, for whatever reason, 2011 saw over 60 games released onto the RAA.

The community’s gotten more attention since I last wrote my reviews. It’s crazy to think of how much everything’s grown since 2008. Who knew that Ripples, the “endearing kinetic novel” (my words, paraphrased) I reviewed in January 2008, would be the first game of a major game studio of today’s current OELVN scene? Crazy. So, with major advancements like that, why come back?

Well, a small piece of that is that even though I haven’t written anything new in years, the blog still gets around one hundred hits a week. Not bad for something this dusty. So, this place gets attention, which in turn, gives attention to the visual novels themselves. An unashamed mouthpiece, talking about your games.

The other piece to this puzzle that no one probably cares about is…what about the little guys? The ones that aren’t commercial, the visual novels that no one plays because they’re too busy playing the big time releases – don’t they deserve another glance? Yeah, sure, they might not all be masterpieces. And, yeah, I’m not here to give everyone a pat on the back or to stomp everyone to the ground.

Just here to be another resource for people seeking out visual novel reviews. I guess this means that VNR4 will become more active.


About vnr4

Visual novel reviews and reporting with a main focus on independent visual novels. Enjoy.
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