I’m back…

I’m back because I care. Yes. My harshness (if any, because, honestly, I’m not the WORST out there that you can find) is to only prove that I care about your shit. You say you want to be the next big name visual novel company. You say you want to be the best, huh? Then, go ahead. Who else is going to call your stuff for what it is without fear? Huh… Maybe, it has to be me.

I’m behind, as usual. If you’ve got something you want to see reviewed in particular or you want a work of your own extensively evaluated, like a demo or something, go ahead and post a comment here. I’m checking this place throughout the summer and I’m gonna try to write up a bunch of reviews to make up for the lost time. Enjoy.

About vnr4

Visual novel reviews and reporting with a main focus on independent visual novels. Enjoy.
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